Send secured PDFs easily


  • 50 unique PDFs per month
  • Size limit of 3MB per file
  • Live support
  • Watermark customization
  • API access
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  • 1000 unique PDFs per month
  • Size limit of 9MB per file
  • Live support
  • Watermark customization
  • API access
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  • 3000 unique PDFs per month
  • Size limit of 9MB per file
  • Live support
  • Watermark customization
  • API access
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  • Unlimited unique PDFs
  • No size limit
  • Branding options
  • Full customization
  • Complete API access
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Common questions

- How many PDFs can I send every month?

Depending on your subscription, you can send 50, 1000 or 3000 unique PDFs every month. A unique PDF is generated for each of your recipients when you use our tool. For example: if you send a PDF to 20 people using our services, it will be count as 20 unique PDFs generated.

- When is the number of unique PDF generated reset to zero for my account?

If you are using the free plan, the number of unique PDF generated resets on the 1st of each month for everybody. For all other plans, it will reset every time we receive your payment, so each month on the same day when we request your bank.

- Before sending a PDF to anyone, can I test your product and how it will affect my PDF?

Of course! First, you have to sign up on our website (no credit card is needed). After that, you can go to our product page. You can then upload the PDF file you want to test, and then put your email address (the same that you used to sign up) in the recipient field. You can play with the watermark's position on your PDF, and send it to yourself. By doing this, no request will be deducted from your account. When you are ready and sure that your PDF is clean, you can send it to anybody you want!

- How do I know how many PDFs I can still send this month?

On our product page, when you are logged in, there is a bar at the top, showing how many PDF you can still send.

- I made a mistake using your product and clicked on "Send". Will the number of PDF be deducted from my account?

If you made a mistake that prevented us from sending the PDF, such as a bigger file than expected or the wrong type of file (eg. PNG instead of PDF), this will not be counted as a request for your account since we couldn't send any email. However, for every PDF file successfully sent, we will deduce it accordingly, even if you loaded the wrong file or made a mistake in the recipient list.

- I tried to send a PDF even though I used all my requests for this month. Will I be charged for this?

When you generated and sent all the PDF you paid for this month, any attempt to send a PDF file will fail, but you won't be charged for this.

- What happens to my file when I upload it here?

When you upload a file on our website, it will be stored on our secure server as long as you want. You're the only one who can see and download your original file. We will never read any text or images that are in your PDF. If you want more information, look at our Privacy Policy page.